Thanks for visiting the alawuntoherself blog. I hope that you enjoy the site.

A number of people have contacted me via this blog, so I thought it would be useful to share the answers to some FAQs here:

I’m thinking about setting up a business law clinic. Can I talk to you about it? 

Yes! I love to talk about business law clinics. In fact I love to talk about anything relating to clinical legal education. I’m happy to discuss day to day operations, supervisory techniques assessment and feedback, and building profile. I’m very keen to develop a network of enterprise/business related law clinics so please do get in touch.

I work in the media and I’d like to talk to you

Great. I’m happy to comment on a number of issues relating to from legal education to being an academic. You can find my most recent publications/presentations here, but issues I can help with include:

clinical legal education:

social justice/the role of law clinics; clinic regulation and structure (including alternative business structures); voluntary versus compulsory law clinics; assessment and feedback; how clinical legal education differs to traditional theoretical forms of legal education.

academic writing and publishing:

writing goals and strategies; time management; doing a PhD.


self-reflection as a methodological tool; the ethical implications of ‘insider’ research.

So, how do I get in touch? 

My contact details are available here.




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