business law clinics

I lead a Business Law Clinic which provides free legal advice and assistance to businesses in the North East of England.

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Visit our blog!

The students who work in our clinic run a blog. It’s called WeTakeCareOfBusiness. The blog gives you lots of information about our clinic, and the clients we have worked for in the past. It also includes lots of hints & tips about legal issues that might affect SMEs and social enterprises.

My colleague Victoria Gleason and I were shortlisted for the 2016 ALT/Routledge Teaching Law with Technology Prize for our work on the blog. Read more about the project and the prize here.

Read my work on business law clinics 

The provision of free legal advice to businesses is a controversial area, particularly in an era of austerity. I have written about the rise of business law clinics in the UK for The Law Teacher and the Journal of Legal Education. And I’ve argued for the re-conceptualisation of social justice. For a list of my recent work on this area, check out this page.

Interested in clinical teaching?

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