Many of the posts on this blog talk specifically about the challenges of academic writing.


To make things easier, you’ll find links to those posts below. They are divided into three themes: where to write, how to write, and doing a PhD.

where to write 

These posts tell you about the time I tried writing in my kitchen, in a cafe, and in a library.

how to write 

I’ve taken part in Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) for the past two years.  In 2014, I wrote about starting AcWriMo for the first time and changing my AcWriMo goals. In 2015, my AcWriMo posts tell you about dealing with unexpected revisions, trying out a routine,  and the week it all went wrong.

This post tells you how to write more in less time by being Dino-mite!

I wrote 8 articles (and a book chapter) in a year. This is how I did it.

Looking for information about Scrivener? Here’s the journey so far:

Three things I learned the week I switched to Scrivener

How I use Scrivener for academic writing

Scrivener and EndNote: a simple guide

Writing my PhD using Scrivener

doing a PhD

Everyone needs a PhD Buddy. Find out why here.

I use Excel to manage my literature review. This post explains how.

Thinking about putting in a conference paper? Here, you can read my top 5 reasons to speak at conferences.

and… a couple of stories about rejection.