Why collaboration should be your New Year’s Resolution

Have you heard of Piirus?

Neither had I until a few weeks ago.

Piirus is an networking site, designed specifically to help researchers find collaborators. It started life in 2011 as ‘Research Match’, an internal resource for academics at the University of Warwick. Now, as Piirus, anyone can sign up. Whilst I’m slightly reticent to add to my list of places where I have to keep an updated list of publications, I like that Piirus has collaboration at its core. It was also mercifully quick to create a profile!

The site also has a really interesting blog, with posts from some of my favourite writers like Dr Sharon McDonough (@Sharon_McD) and Jenny Delasalle (@jennydelasalle).

When I created my profile, I noticed that Piirus was looking for guest bloggers. So I answered the call.

I wanted to write about the sea-change that I experienced in 2015. Earlier in my career I pushed away any suggestion of collaboration. I liked to work alone. I thought working with someone else would be a distraction and would slow me me down. I’ve subsequently discovered that I was completely wrong. So I wrote a blog post for Piirus called Why Collaboration Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution. I’m delighted that it was published on the Piirus Blog today, New Year’s Day!


I encourage you to write a guest post for Piirus. The process was super smooth and the feedback was very helpful (thank you Jenny!). I find that writing short focussed pieces helps my academic writing. And it also allows you to write with a more creative, fun tone (which I prefer, compared to the usual cold, detached style required by other outputs).

Happy New Year!


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