GUEST POST: What I’ve learnt during the first year of my PhD

This is a fantastic blog post from PhD student Rachel Dunn, which provides an honest, informative insight into the first 12 months of a PhD. Lessons here for all of us! I thoroughly recommend that you follow Rachel’s blog here.


I started my PhD last October and so far I’m loving every second… yes even the hard days! Northumbria University is like a second home to me. I did my undergraduate degree and the Bar Professional Training Course here. So after taking a year out and coming back to do my PhD it felt like coming home. I’m comfortable here, I know many members of staff, how to get around campus and, most importantly, where the closest bars are! This doesn’t mean that I have breezed through my first year. I’ve learnt so much about myself and the life of academia that I thought my first blog should be to share my experiences.

1) Your PhD is your own

This for me was very important. I felt like I spent most of the first few months of my PhD listening to how other people think a PhD should go. Whilst…

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