Passion Planner: More Than a Diary

My Passion Planner arrived yesterday. It was like a game of pass the parcel (for one) as I ripped off the many layers of packaging, each getting smaller and smaller, until finally My New Best Friend was revealed….


Who’s behind the Passion Planner? 

Before I get in to why I love this product, I think it’s important to talk about how it came about and who is behind it.

The Passion Planner is the brainchild of Angelia Trinidad. In 2013, Angelia was suffering from what she calls “directionless floating” : that feeling where you’re doing fine, but you’re not quite sure what you’re doing and (perhaps more importantly) where you’re going.

She wanted to create a product that you would give to someone when they were feeling lost. A tool that sat them down to clearly define their goals and dreams, break them down into more actionable steps, and then write them in a place that they would see and use everyday“. Click on that quotation and you’ll get to read more about Angelia and why she made the Passion Planner.

So, beyond the fact that this is a great productivity tool, there are two reasons why I really wanted to use the product:

1. It was created by someone who had experienced something and had looked to create a solution. I also love the tagline “one young woman’s attempt to do it all“. I mean, who hasn’t felt like that?!

2. It’s a Kickstarter project. It made $48,000 in 23 days. As a business lawyer that appealed to me immensely. Working with entrepreneurs and being pulled along by their enthusiasm and creativity was always an aspect of private practice that I enjoyed. It’s actually a very similar experience working with students: enthusiasm and creativity, everyday.

So, what is it then? 

I like the Passion Planner because it can be anything you want it to be.

When I first found out about it (thank you twitter) I downloaded some free (yes, free!) weekly templates and stuck them to my desk. Each day I filled in what I had done. I gave different activities (case work, meetings, dealing with emails, the gym etc) different colours.


At the end of that week I had an excellent overview of what I was spending time on and how long tasks were taking me.

I then starting to use it to plan out my week.

For confidentiality reasons I can’t show you an example of what I did on this blog, but you can see lots of examples of how others approach the planner here.

Okay, isn’t it just a diary…? 

In short, no.


The Passion Planner invites you to think about what you are doing, break down your goals and activities into manageable “chunks”, and adds a great big dollop of positivity into the mix.

Features that I particularly like include:

  • this week’s focus: a place to write down what you want to achieve that week.
  • good things that happened: we naturally  concentrate on the things that don’t quite go the way we want, and forget the things that were great. Clearly out my desk the other day I found an old PP template that reminded me of the week I found out I had been awarded Senior Fellow HEA status and had made positive contributions to a management meeting.
  • personal coaching: There are weekly mini-tasks that challenge the way that you approach time management and encourage new ways of thinking e.g stop multi-tasking or have a conversation you’ve been putting off.

Little black book

Now I have my little black book – I’ve gone for the compact version so I can fit it in my handbag – I’m excited about how the way I use it will develop over the coming months. The only downside was that it has become so popular, it took 3 months to get to me so I’ve missed out on mapping out January and February. I should see a difference in March so watch this space…

Are you also a Passion Planner enthusiast? How do you use it? 


3 thoughts on “Passion Planner: More Than a Diary

  1. anacanhoto says:

    I like the planning idea, but think that it would be largely a waste as I need to have my diary online (to coordinate with others at home and at work). Would you say that you are a paper diary person, anyway, or are you finding yourself doing a log of repeated entries?

    Also, I am curious about this planner – is it for the year (i.e., Jan 1st to Dec 31st) or for 12 months but not specific start or end date?



  2. elainecampbell says:

    Hi Ana. Thanks for your comment!

    I really like to doodle, and mind map, and have lots and lots of bits of paper scattered around my desk. I naturally go to write down ideas or thoughts rather than type them out. So I’m using the planner as a way of keeping those ideas in one place, and record when I have them (there are boxes for doodling/prioritising etc). But mostly I’m using it as a tool to help me increase my (short and long term) focus – asking myself “what is my focus today?” and writing it down seems to work for me. I appreciate these are very personal likes/dislikes. The planner is for the year which is a shame as mine didn’t arrive until this weekend so I missed out on Jan/Feb.


  3. Bipin Daniel says:

    A well written review article! I will definitely approach you for my upcoming planner notebook review which is going to launch on Kickstarter in couple of days.


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