The #1 reason to write & publish

Today I had a milestone moment. My article on the rise of business law clinics was published online in The Law Teacher. To say that I did a lap around the office would be an understatement. It was more of a (mental) gallop through the Law School, wind in hair, Coldplay chorus on full blast.

Ultimately, the reason why I was so thrilled was because business law clinics are my passion. I strongly believe that there is a place in clinical legal education for law students to provide free legal advice for businesses, even if those businesses can afford to go elsewhere for that advice. And business law clinics can co-exist very happily amongst clinics which deal with welfare benefits, housing, small claims and employment disputes.

I wrote my article in 2 weeks. Because I was passionate about the topic. I wanted to have a voice in the literature. A voice which said “look, business law clinics are here and they’re great!”. Or even “look, here I am, running a business law clinic – anyone else out there?”.


Sharing something that you’re passionate about is the number 1 reason to write and the number 1 reason to publish. To add to scholarship & research. To challenge and be challenged. To get those thoughts that whirl in our minds out on paper and see what comes back…

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